Basic Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Alfresa Pharma is actively taking on the challenge of the new "Unmet Medical Needs" of the times, and is contributing to the health of people around the world through unique pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, medical devices, research, development, and the manufacturing and sale of health-related products.

Business Policy

  • Alfresa Pharma aims for business operations which make the most of the strengths of the Alfresa Group.
  • Alfresa Pharma aims to develop business activities under a comprehensive perspective of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Alfresa Pharma aims to develop a trusted company which values the input of people hoping for health, people engaged in medical care, and partners.
  • Alfresa Pharma aims to create a company which values the suggestions of its employees and can grow together with them so they can have pride and purpose in life.
  • Alfresa Pharma complies with the laws and regulations of conduct and aims to make a social contribution as a good corporate citizen.

Code of Conduct

  • We value speed and continue to think of the future with originality and ingenuity.
  • We formulate all of our plans in consideration of the value of people's happiness, and make determinations and execute plans on the basis of conscience.
  • We undertake all of our endeavors with passion, and pursue achievements in the spirit of cooperation.

Product Quality Policy

Alfresa Pharma continually pursues high quality, and provides a stable supply of products which emphasize safety at a reasonable price.