Diagnostic Reagents

Okayama Plant

Early diagnosis and treatment through highly accurate testing

The mission of Alfresa Pharma is “to deliver previously unseen, new in vitro diagnostic reagents,” and we are now developing, producing and marketing diagnostic devices that will be used in medical examinations and hospital laboratories. For example, we have developed unique technologies in colloidal gold reagents, which use a solution of ultrafine particles of gold. In particular, we have succeeded in the simultaneous quantitative assays of hemoglobin and transferrin for the first time in the world. This fecal immunochemical test (FIT) is used for colorectal cancer screening and has been contributing to early detection and rapid diagnosis of the disease. We have developed a FIT analyzer to measure concentrations of urine analytes, in addition to fecal analytes. Moreover, we have developed an in-vitro diagnostic regent to measure fecal calprotectin concentration as a product assisting disease monitoring in ulcerative colitis status.

POCT* products supporting simple,fast,and highly precise diagnoses

We are developing and selling POCT products that support on-the-spot, simple, and fast diagnosis for outpatients, at bedside, and emergency services. They are useful for explaining the treatment and prognosis of SARS coronavirus, influenza, RSV, hMPV, and adenovirus infection as a diagnostic aid.

*POCT (Point-Of-Care Testing): A rapid test to be performed at the patient's side in medical and nursing fields.