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Importation of products from around the world for the wellbeing of Japan.

Importation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

  • Importation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

We are handling a variety of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) imported from Asian and European countries. It is our top priority to maintain reliable supply management system in order to market the APIs by GMP on- site auditing as well as quality testing at our highly GMP-managed formulation plant and other well expertized collaborative laboratories. Also we support customers to fulfill pharmaceutical regulatory requirements through close communication with PMDA and foreign suppliers as a Drug Master File caretaker. Through collaboration with our subsidiary, Alfresa Fine Chemical Corporation, we aim to provide high-quality APIs.

We import pharmaceutical raw materials and functional food ingredients which are less available in Japan.

Classification Product name
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical raw materials Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates  
Food-related products Functional food ingredients Edible porcine placenta Placenta P-50
Edible fish(bonito) elastin Elastin K
Edible flax seed oil Flax Seed Oil BO
Lo-han-kuo (Siraitia grosvenorii) extract powder RAKANKA EP-30
Patented evidence-based ingredients SANMIITTAIRYU®
New Zealand pine bark extract Enzogenol
Food sanitation materials Detergents and sanitizers for the food industry Tegoing
Disposable products  


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