President Message

One more person, one step closer…
For all who need us.

Koichi Shimada, President and CEO

The Alfresa Group aims to become a Healthcare Consortium that provides products and services in every health-related field. Based on this philosophy, Alfresa Pharma strives to contribute to a culture of health among the people of the world through the development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, medical devices and health-related products.

We offer sleep disorder and epilepsy treatments in our specialty area of neuropsychiatric pharmaceuticals, testing instruments for colorectal cancer screenings, and rapid-diagnosis instruments for various types of infectious disease. Also, in the area of medical devices we provide surgical sutures that incorporate technologies and experience honed over many years. Across these various fields, we conduct high-end product R&D and manufacturing to meet diverse medical needs.

April 2015 marked our launch into the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), by converting Alfresa Fine Chemical Corporation to a wholly owned subsidiary, generating synergies with Alfresa Pharma’s API sales division. Construction on a new factory wing at wholly owned subsidiary Qingdao Nesco Medical Co., Ltd., was completed in November 2016. This construction is one aspect of our efforts to expand the surgical sutures business in the Chinese market, which is growing rapidly. We expect this business to become a pillar of next-generation growth.

In addition, we aim to maximize our sales, manufacturing, and R&D capabilities, augmenting added value through partnerships with various companies that possess advanced technologies and products.

Maintaining its focus on reliable, safe and sincere manufacturing, Alfresa Pharma will continue conducting R&D on and working to ensure a stable supply of high-quality, high-value-added products. We will strive to create a structure that responds to diverse medical needs.

Management Philosophy

Alfresa Pharma is actively taking on the challenge of the new "Unmet Medical Needs" of the times, and is contributing to the health of people around the world through unique pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents,medical devices, research, development, and the manufacturing and sale of health-related products.