Medical Devices & Equipment

Chiba Plant

Development and provision of surgical equipments and medical materials with one-of-a-kind technology

Alfresa Pharma is the first domestic manufacturer of microwave surgical equipment: the Microtaze is a microwave endometrial ablation device used for menorrhagia that is being recognized as minimally invasive treatment that offers an alternative to surgery, thereby reducing the burden on the patient. We have also developed cerclage cables for bone fixation in orthopedic surgery: the NESPLON Cable system. Its use has spread widely to enhance the intraoperative and postoperative safety. We will continue to produce surgical equipment and medical materials that take advantage of unique technologies and contribute to the development of medical technology.

Responding to the needs of the medical field as a surgical suture manufacturer

Our NESCOSUTURE is manufactured according to international standards and is receiving support from doctors and nurses in the surgery, cardiovascular surgery, etc., and plastic surgery departments of hospitals and core facilities around the country. In addition, we have a rich product lineup of over 2,000 items, and we have developed synthetic absorbable sutures under the brand name “Opepolyx,” which achieves an equivalent operability to braided silk (or silk sutures) that are considered the easiest to use. We also meet the needs of the medical field by developing and selling products with excellent operability, such as black-colored suture needles.